nterview by: Skowron for Born To Die'zine 2006


ARMINIUS start as death/black metal band. But with time, you change your music, beginnig to play more fast, more aggressive and more complex. Say me, wher is the reason of this point. As you would describe your starts, music etc?

I started this band with the idea to create a mixture between lets say Burzum and Boltthrower. However, the two guys I started it with left Arminius very early in the bands history. One moved to Ireland and with the other one I had a musical disagreement about blastbeats. Soon after they left (and I was the only remaining member of Arminius) I was joined by Lex and Walter who both played in Lamentation a deathmetal band also from Dordrecht. Since Blackmetal became was very big at that time and a lot of bands sounded very much the same and the fact that Walter and Lex were more into deathmetal we changed our style.

As you have reached to Erik of Old Temple Records? It was too hard to find label ther in Netherlands, which would release you your stuff? As you like both band of split, which was released on Old Temple? You like polish death metal?

Daro from Soulless pointed out Arminius to Erik of Old Temple. The idea was to do a split with Soulless. But because of the short playing time of our promo material (under 15 minutes) it was decided to add Pandamic Genocide and make it a threeway split. Polish deathmetal has made a name for itself in the world of deathmetal and we were honoured to join them on this split. Soulless and Pandamic Genocide are both brutal Polish deathmetal formations.

Now you have new singer - Anton Visser. Why Michael Philippo decided left your band? I must to say, that he have good voice with terror in fauces. ARMINIUS have many changes in own roots. Where main reason lies that this poeople must left your band?

Well it's always difficult to keep people together in a band. Michael Philippo is a very good vocalist (he is the frontman of Headhaunter now) but he is however not truly a deathmetalfanatic. There was a short but painfull fight in our rehearselstudio concerning somebody touching the guitar of somebody else. I was unable to fix the the thing between them so Michael decided to leave Arminius. After Michael we had Ben de Graaff, who had the talent to organise lots of gigs for us but didn't fit in the Band. Anton Visser ( Obtrucation) our newest singer fits in much better and adds more obscurity and brutallity to the band. We've recorded a Venom cover with Anton and the result is pure Evil and Hate.

I see, that ARMINIUS like play concerts. In past you have played some tours and you have included several festivals. How looks your gigs? Only fire and blood or something else? Will you play some day here in Poland? Maybe Erik will make for you some gig or two? You spoke with him about this?

We like to perform on stage a lot. Our show is energetic and we arnt't satisfied if there isn't build a pit in front of us. We would like to come to Poland for a copple of gigs, in the fall this year and I did speak with Erik about this. We will see what is possible and what happends.

ARMINIUS - this word have for you some special meanig, philosophy. Maybe this is only good name for your band and thats all? You like history of antique Rome?

The name Arminius comes from a general of the Germanic tribe the Cheruscians. He slaugtered three Roman legions in the Teutenborger wald. This was the first time in Roman history that three legions were totally defeated without surviving solders to bring back the Roman legion standards. Because of this defeat Augustus the first Roman Emperor decided to consolidate the Empire. Arminius therefore marks the physical, historical and psychological border between civilisation and barbarity.Now you have recorded a cover of Venom's "the Evil One". Probably we have expect that it to be fast!

Will you put this cover on some tributeCD?

As I said, we have recorded a cover of Venom's "the Evil One". Its under two minutes and it will be released on a Venom tribute album. I howerevr do not have the specifications when or how it will be released.

On you account you have only 3 way "In Shadows Of The Damned We Reign" recorded. Whats about new stuff? Will you recorded in narest future? Maybe debut full album? How will be looks your newest songs? I think that it still will be death metal, but maybe more varied now?

We have planned recordings of our debute album in august this year. The songs will be more brutal but you decide if they are more varied hehe. There are as many oppinions as there are listeners. It will probably contain 12 reasonable short and agreesive songs.

ARMINIUS is not typical death meal band from Netherlands. You play more old school music. ARMINIUS is not inspired bands of USA in all. Say me, why this style you have chosen on your own music? You dislike modern brutal death metal music? Whats inspire you, whats you listen in your home?

Arminius is not a typical death metalband from Netherlands but than again what is? Sinister, Altar, Pristitute Disfigurement, Brutus, God Dethroned? We arn't about US piggrunts and computer blastbeats.I think that as in black metal a few years ago a lot of brutal bands sound much the same. At home I listen to lots of different stuff. I like the latest album of Celtic Frost a lot. I also listen to Akercocke, Darkthrone, Deicide, Deranged, Napalm Death, Mortician, Death, and Slayer. But I also do appreciate true grind.

Sound to your part 3 way split, is not band. Where you have session to this stuff. You can advice this studio young, searching for good tones bands?

Excualy we arn't that satisfied about our sound on the split. So we wouldn't especially advise this studio... We are going to record our upcomming album in our own studio. It gives us the oppurtunity to take our time! We will spend our money on a good producer/mixer.

OK, thas all till now. I wish you all best with your band, and I hope hear you soon.

Plans, plans, plans...Thanks for the interest man! Our plans for 2006 and 7 summed up for you: Recording of a full lengt album, making a videoclip to support it, find someone to release it and do lots of gigs! For more info check out our website : www.arminius.nl and myspace.com/arminivs.

- Skowron

Born To Die'zine

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