Arminius was founded in 1998 by Jasper Pol (bass), Fabian Haringa (drums) and Willem van Balen (guitar).
Arminius' first songs were a mixture of Death Metal and early Black Metal. In 2000 Jasper and Fabian left the band and were replaced by Walter de Groot (guitar) and Lex v/d Heuvel (drums). The songs became much faster, more aggressive and more complex. Some time later Henk v/d Berg joined Arminius to blast along with us on his Bass-guitar and Michael Philippo decided to rain terror with his vocals. We recorded a promo in 2003 called "Storms Below". In 2004 Walter and Michael left Arminius.
Ben de Graaff was our singer for two years and with his arrival we did lots of gigs. In Januari 2006 the Storms Below promo was released on a three-way split with Soulless and Pandemic genocide by Polish underground label Old temple.
Ben left and Anton Visser of the mighty Obtruncation helped us out with a couple of gigs we did in 2006. He also did the vocals of on a Venom cover we recorded that summer.
January 2007 brought us our new vocalist and deathgrowler Robert Stolk. June 2007 brought along a big change. Lex left, Henk took over the drums and Robert picked up the bass. Arminius became a three man formation.
We recorded the Album Orison in 2008 en released it ourselves in 2010.
Tibor Lelkes joined us in 2012 and 2013. He contributed some riffs which can be heard on Alsem.
We have recorded the Album Alsem in 2014.
In November 2016 after a two year absence on the stage we've returned with total wardrenched fury. In 2017 we saw the rejuvination of our musical aspirations.We transformed our musical style to DEATH FOLK

Favourite bands:
Willem van Balen (guitar & backing vocals): Celtic Frost, Urgehal, Conqueror, Deicide
Henk v/d Berg (drums): Demigod, Deicide, Iron maiden, Slayer, Morbid Angel
Robert Stolk(bass & vocals): Morbid Angel, Enslaved, Deicide, Bolzer, Manegarn

The name Arminius
In the year 7 after the Nazarene the Germanic general Arminius destroyed three Roman Legions in the hart of the Teutenborger Wald. He send the head of the general back to the Romans. These Legions have never been erected again out of shame. After this massacre the Romans never found the strenght nor the will to consolidate their empire beyond the river Rhine. This limited the northward expansion of the Roman Empire and prevented the subjugation of the Germanic tribes by the Romans.

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Dordrecht, the Netherlands, 2016